Amina and Baraka

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about amani and baraka

The two twins, one as a girl and the other, live in Buger Village, Karatu District in Tanzania They have been given various grants by the Gaeso including various Clothing and Needs The children were abandoned by their father who left home without leaving and then their mother left and did not leave, it is said that he went to work in bar shops in the city, probably in Arusha. Only their grandmother remained. These children are living with their grandmother alone without a toilet, with no food, and yet their grandmother cannot speak more legally. So these children also use Russian as they cannot speak Swahili at all The Gaeso team has been serving these children through an interpreter who knows their iraq language. They have now reached the start of school. The Gaeso organization on their behalf asks anyone who can donate money to send them to school so we invite you to do so What our Organization will do The organization will look for a boarding school where in January 2020 they will join and the proceeds will be used to pay for school fees as well as their needs, including uniforms, and school accessories. The organization will monitor their behavior at school and at home and send a regular report to the sponsor or sponsor of these children including their pictures and results in the classroom. Amount required In order for these children to start school, an average of USD2500 is required for both the tuition and all their expenses for the year and for the 7 years they will be at school. You can donate any amount and the organization will collect all the money and provide information to everyone who contributes to the development of these investments for these children.
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