Mentally Retarded girl

A mentally retarded girl  who is impregnated by her neighbour, a motorcyclist

Street Children

Street  Children Are Sent To Social welfare centres

Now it's time to join hands, to change the life of disadvantaged members of our communities ...

Bodaboda in society

Bodaboda being provided with education on children protection in our societies.t

abandoned Girls

Abandoned girls by both their families and those who impregnated them. 

Provision  of education to the community

To disseminate education in the community through the media Boma – Hai FM.

empowerment of women economically, Gaeso facilitates economic freedom…..!!!!


Maasai women

Maasai women also join other women in the production of various natural objects and other women.

chicken and cock project

As an organization we also promote a local chicken breeding project.

Garden project

The organization assists women to engage in income generating small projects like gardening


Women acquire survivor skills like tailoring which is a cornerstone  of the organization drive to help women support their families.