We care, appreciate and make sure that girls are protected from all forms of emotional, sexual and physical abuse.

Prayers and love to kids is everything. To guide and teach them what is good for their life so that they do not get lost, this is our responsibility to society. Love is everything.

We care, appreciate and make sure that girls are protected from all forms of emotional, sexual and physical abuse such as;

i) Drug addiction
ii) Early pregnancy and early marriage,
iii) Rape cases,
iv) FGM,
v) School Drop out,
vi) Child cruelity,
vii) Child  trafficking
Viii) Wife battery .

We love all because peace is our key and love is our Joy…

Welcome To Donate

If you are a friend who acknowledges our efforts you are most welcome  to donate  any amount   you wish to our Organization Bank Account link above our page with paypal to start empowering women and children.

Love And Care

Youth are the Nation of tomorrow, love and care for them is very Essential for prosperity of peace and their future life.

Yes With Gaeso We can make A difference

Our Organization is ready to  create young Girls and Women for the better nation of tomorrow

Hai Fountain Women

A group of women (HAFOWO) from Hai Bomang’ombe district in the region were able to take part in a joint venture with GAESO a variety of fundraising events (MUCCOBS) Moshi University  today on 22.01.2020


 Maasai Girls

All together we have to say no to teen pregnancy as it shatters their life dreams.


A large percentage of female students drop out of school due to unplanned pregnancies.

Maasai Women

Many teenagers after giving birth  leave the responsibility of caring new born babies to their mothers.

Our News

We Love, We Care and We are ready to create conducive environment for them to prosper in life……

Let’s say  no to teens Pregnancy.

Let’s join  hands by donating materially and financially to support our communities to eradicate social vices.

Maasai girls are adversely affected by outdated traditional and customs.

Provision of Education is vital to put an end to these traditional and customs which undermine pastoral communities.

How We Can Help…

We have a wide  range of procedures

In our Organization we  assist young girls who are forced to marry at an early age.

  • Strengthening and empowering youth and women in enterpreneurial activities.
  • To promote the right of the student and oppose all acts of physical abuses in schools.
  • Advocate for vulnerable children to acquire better education.
  • Advocate against early pregnancies in schools.