Girls and Women



We care appreciate and we make sure that the girls we are protected from all sexual abuse and physical abuse and emotion,

Prayer’s and love to kids is everything. To guiding and teaching them what is good so that they do not get lost, it is our responsibility in society for generations. Love is everything.

We care appreciate and we make sure that  the girls we are protected from all sexual abuse and physical abuse and emotion,

such us:
i) Early pregnancy early married,
ii) Rape cases,
iii) FGM,
iv) Drop out of schools,
v) Child cruelity,
Vi) child trafficking.

Welcome To Donate

If you are a friend who enjoys the achievements of girlfriends and mothers with their basic rights we should donate at least $ 50 USD or more amout as you wish below to our page with paypal to start empowering women’s and childrens.

Love And Care

Youth are the Nation of tomorrow, love and care for them is very impotant if there is no peace and care they will not care too about their feature.

With Gaeso We can

Our Organization is ready for creating young Girl’s and Women’s for the better nation of tomorrow


Maasai Girl’s

Maasai girls are the main victims.


Female students in schools are affected by a large percentage.

Young girls

All together we have to say no for young girls pregnancy it’s affect there feature of years to come, we  care for the feature.

Maasai Women’s

Many young girl’s give birth to their parents when they are born.

How We Can Help…

We have wide range of procedures

In our Organization we have especially assisted young girls in being forced to marry at an early age.

  • Strengthening and empowering youth and women in enterpreneurship activities.
  • To promote the right of the student and oppose all acts of physical abuses in schools.
  • Advocate for vulnerable children to acquire better education.
  • Advocate against early pregnancies in schools.
Our News

We Love We Care and We are ready to prepare for there feature……

Let’s share Together To say no for young Childrens Pregnants.

Let’s join our power together for Donate $300 inorder to support our children for the nation of tomorrow in Tanzania .

Many Children even Maasai their Suffering more.

Education is very important in life society of students young girls for their better feature.