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Physical Abuse

Physical Abuse

A hot-bloodied woman and another woman, whose marriage was abused by her husband for taking the decision to bring another woman home while he was living with his married wife. It was then that this disfigured woman met this tragedy.


 This two children, their mother is mentally ill, their father is a traditional healer, these children were kept  indoors without giving them Food, clothes to go to school; sometimes they were eating their stool. they never came out or saw the sun. The Gaeso Organization in collaboration with other stakeholders and the village leadership of that area supports these children by sheltering them but they have not been able to access education.  As a kind, compassionate and sympathetic friend to the plight of the needy children we beseech you to  contribute for  the well-being of these children, through our Gaeso account located on our website menu of  account drop down lists you can donate through it .