they need our help as children as teenagers

Street Children
On The Streets Many Children Are Sent To Social Service Centers.
Mentally disabled
A mentally disabled person who is pregnant and her neighbor due to their intimate acquaintance..

Now it's time to join together , to change youth life....

Bodaboda in society

Bodaboda in society have been causing childhood pregnancy, which is not good.

The girls abandoned

Girls abandoned and abandoned without any help during pregnancy, without the help of basic needs.

Providing education in the community

To disseminate education in the community through the media Boma – Hai FM.

helping a young woman achieve her dreams is fun and Gaeso We Can…..!!!!!

Maasai women

Maasai women also join other women in the production of various natural objects and other women.

chicken and cock project

As an organization we also promote a local chicken breeding project.

Gaeso support

Also as an organization we help provide seminars for young students especially in schools on basic rights

Physical abuse

A child who suffers from its mother or mother with fire, I get help through the shelves and I benefit quickly. even children can report incidents.